DEPAR MAP World's Best Metal Detection Technologies.
MINELAB The most powerful metal detecting technologies on the planet for gold prospecting, coin and relic hunting and underwater detecting.
FISHER The latest technology form the oldest name in the industry.
TECKNETICS In Features Warranty & Reputation!
BOUNTY HUNTER World's Best Metal Detection Technologies.
XP A new XP, a new Adventure !
EBINGER SECONDD World's Best Metal Detection Technologies

World's Best Metal Detection Technologies. Authorized Distributors of MINELAB – TEKNETICS – FISHER Metal Detectors for ALL AFRICA region and Middle East. 

Our Products


Teknetics was founded in 1983 and became part of the First Texas Products family of metal detectors in 1989. Teknetics brand metal detectors has always been known for the hottest performance of the era; never ones to rest, our engineers set out to redefine the industry performance standard in the early 2000`s.


Minelab excels in providing leading technologies for the metal detection industry world-wide. We are confident that our culture of innovation and commitment to quality will ensure Minelab continues to succeed in providing the World’s Best Metal Detection Technologies for consumer, humanitarian and military needs.


Fisher Labs-The world’s oldest metal detector business, Fisher Labs uses the latest in technology to build the most trusted products in the industry. Since 1931, Fisher Labs has been the most trusted name in metal detection.

Success Stories

This gold was found in 1 day in the Ivory Coast using  GPX 5000 metal detector and  the weight is around 280 grams.

These gold nuggets are found with with Metal Detector Fisher F75LTD

Gold nugget found by GPX4500 Minelab Metal detector

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